Automatic Lubrication System: why is so important?

Automatic Lubrication System: why is so important?

The innovative Automatic Lubrication System ensures to the vehicle a constant and homogeneous lubrication, so in this way the vehicle is ever efficient and is possible to reduce the periodic maintenance, too.

The functioning of Automatic Lubrication System is simple, but impeccable: this system is founded on the principle of “dispenser in series”, by which the lubricant is distributed in all parts.

The new Automatic Lubrication System also ensures a wise use of lubricant liquid, without any waste; the quantity and the time of the supply, in fact, is preset.

With a so qualitative lubrication, the vehicle can be ever efficient and above all secure; owning this system, also, is possible to spare the consuming and tiring work for manual lubrication.

If the lubrication is excessive, it increases pollution and consumption, if it’s too little, it increases the usury; using the innovative Automatic Lubrication System, then, both these problems are canceled.